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What is SaaStock?

SaaStock is a global community of software as a service (SaaS) founders, executives, and investors. Our mission is to help SaaS companies to gain traction, grow, and scale. We achieve this by bringing the leaders of SaaS together at our annual conferences in Europe, North America, Latin America, and APAC. To keep adding value year-round, we organize quarterly SaaS meetups in cities all over the world, continuously share actionable learnings from the best minds in SaaS, and connect the global  SaaS community online.

Global Conferences

Europe's most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors is back in an all-new, fully-online format.

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Asia's leading conference for SaaS founders, execs and investors

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Adapt. Survive. Thrive. 

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Latin America’s most actionable conference for B2B SaaS founders, executives, and investors.

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Why Attend?


Learn from those who are a few steps ahead on the same path. Make valuable connections with fellow founders and the leading SaaS-focused investors.


Actionable insights and guidance from the leading experts across multiple SaaS disciplines. VP and C-level networking. Learn from the successes and failures of others.


Boost deal flow by powering through a year's worth of qualified, SaaS-only founder meetings in two days. Learn best practices to pass on to your portfolio companies.


Find the best mentors, investors, partners, and customers for your SaaS business - all in one place. Take the learnings back and watch your business take off.


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Local Events

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SaaStock Local is our initiative to help build and nurture regional SaaS ecosystems around the world. SaaStock Local empowers independent organizers to deliver regular, highly-focused events with our know-how, values, and support. These events not only help local SaaS communities to learn from one another, but also create a better-connected SaaS network worldwide.

SaaS Learning Hub

SaaStock is committed to gathering the latest insights from the best and brightest in SaaS and sharing these in the form of insightful blogs, podcasts, and video content. We connect the SaaS community and equip them with the knowledge they need to make their businesses successful.

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