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Volunteer Policies, Guidelines & Team Roles

What SaaStock Promise to deliver:

  • Provide a fun, friendly and educational environment to work in.
  • Keep all of your information personal and confidential.
  • Provide training and assistance to aid you in performing your duties
  • Keep you in the loop on any information that’ll help speed up your tasks
  • Give you Volunteer access to the conference, as well as event content (once your onsite duties are fulfilled)
  • Provide all volunteers with a Volunteer T-Shirt.

What We Expect From Volunteers:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Attend the mandatory Volunteer Orientation on Sunday Oct 16th at The RDS (times TBC).
  • Be available to work on the 18th & 19th October 2022 (and potentially October 17th if available, to work on a Fringe event).
  • Provide SaaStock with up-to-date contact information
  • Be cooperative with other team members and SaaStock Staff.
  • Treat all attendees, staff, and volunteers with the utmost courtesy and respect.
  • Be on time for appointed shifts.
  • Notify a staff member as soon as possible if you are running late or are going to miss a shift.
  • Wear your SaaStock Volunteer T-Shirt at all times on duty, which will be provided to you, and your own blue or black jeans/trousers.
  • Agree to be part of the SaaStock Volunteer WhatsApp group from 16th - 20th October

Teams Roles for Volunteers at SaaStock 2022

On your registration form you will be asked to indicate your preferred 3 team areas. Please note we cannot guarantee people will get their first choices but will do our best to accommodate everyone's wishes

Greetings & Registration

You will be the first contact point to attendees. We are operating an electronic on-site badging system and we need you to help the area run smoothly, welcoming people, directing them to the right area in the venue for their ticket type etc.

Venue Hosts

You will be out on the expo floor, answering questions from attendees and partners alike, pointing people in the right direction, calling in management assistance when you need help or if you spot any issues or incidents that need further attention.


For this team, you will be assigned to one of our stages to assist the tech crew and make sure the speakers make it to their stage on time. This role is fast paced and exciting and allows you to have a frontline view of all the presentations on your allocated stage as they happen.


Here you will work alongside our marketing team or our photographers and videographers ensuring the smooth running of all things media and/or social media at S22. You are guaranteed to be kept on your toes on this team.


In this team you could be responsible for collecting presentations, escorting speakers to the Stage crew, or even just helping them find a quiet corner to catch up on work.


You will take care of our partners, provide them with information they need and solve their problems as fast as you can. If you are interested in SaaS companies, it’s a great chance to talk to recruiters and developers from world-class brands!

Fringe Events

Here, you’ll work at some of our fringe events taking place in a range of other venues across Dublin – (SaaS.City, Start Up Day, Investock and our Nightstock Parties).