Inclusivity Pledge - Making SaaS more diverse
SaaStock and Zendesk are working together to make SaaS more diverse.
We launched the #TakingStockPledge at SaaStock18, an intiative between

We are not the first to take a pledge about diversity and inclusion. And hopefully we are by far not the last. Each pledge and those who sign and follow it make a little dent in the ceiling we need to collectively shatter for everyone.

This is about more than gender. It’s about the range of voices out there, which we collectively have failed to represent. Shifting the system to be more respectful, inclusive, accessible and diverse won’t happen overnight. But it starts now.

We will work together to make sure the events that we run and take part in fulfill the tenets of Inclusivity:
The speaker and attendee roster is a reflection of society, not just its privileged middle class segment.
Each event highlights a range of voices from a variety of backgrounds.
Extra care is given to bringing those voices, which aren’t normally heard.
We provide a diverse, safe and accessible environment where code of conduct is clearly stated and preserved at day and night time.
Consideration is paid to the feelings and needs of everyone.
We openly share best practices as well as failures in this area with everyone interested.
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