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There's no place for sales pitches or re-used presentations, and you can skip the basics. You'll be speaking to experts, not beginners.

SaaStock is built on compelling stories. We pride ourselves on delivering provocative opinion alongside hard metrics and implementable strategies. We seek to balance honest conversation with hands-dirty, how-I-built-this content. If you’re ready to learn, disrupt, challenge and be challenged, we want to hear from you. Think you've got what it takes? Apply to speak at SaaStock.

DUBLIN, Ireland - 16 October 2019: SaaStock - Day Two. (Photo by Dan Taylor - ©Dan Taylor).
DUBLIN, Ireland - 15 October 2019: SaaStock - Day One. (Photo by Dan Taylor - ©Dan Taylor).

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  • And cement your position as a key player in the global SaaS industry.

To maximise your chances of selection we suggest you download and pay close attention to our Speaker Submission Guide which will walk you through the key elements of a successful content session.

** Please note that all content must be original and created specifically for SaaStock. Please do not repeat content that you have presented at other events.**

Speaker Applications Close Friday August 21, 2020

We aim to get back to you within 5 weeks of receipt of your submission.

We only accept speaker submissions through our official application process, all submissions sent directly to the team will not be considered.

SaaStock global media 2019 included: