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Dublin | October 12

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What is Investock?

Investock embodies the world’s foremost group of B2B investors, their funds have shaped the SaaS industry we know today. A truly global gathering of 90+ funds and 250 Investors from 20 countries, rub shoulders with Partners at top funds away from the crowds in 1:1s, tailored matchmaking sessions and roundtable discussions.

"I wanted to dive into the world of SaaS from an investor point of view. SaaStock and Investock definitely exceeded my expectations."

Robin Franken, Investment Manager, BOM Brabant Ventures

Why Attend?

Exclusively for Investors only. This is an opportunity to pack one month’s worth of meetings into one-day. Investors will receive a database of attending funds, leverage Brella to pre-book 1:1s and receive personal intros to those you can’t get hold of. 


Bridge the Atlantic, meet with the USA’s most active SaaS funds when joining our tailored matchmaking session aimed at connecting US and EU investment communities.


Forget keynotes, we crowd-source our roundtable topics from experienced investors to keep the discussion focused on actionable insights, market trends and unique approaches to challenges our community deals with daily.

Who is it for?

Investock is curated for those investors with B2B SaaS in their portfolio or in their sights. Crafted for executive investors, from Northzone to Accel, meet the decision-makers with over 60% of our audience being Partner-level. Albeit the key holders to varying investment vehicles, from angels to growth funds, private equity and LPs. We celebrate the diversity of fund type, stage focus and geography that we attract. These top tier funds come from across the globe, namely the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, CEE and Scandinavia. 


In terms of stage focus, our investor community is:

  • 13% Angel & Micro VC
  • 27% Early-stage
  • 20% Growth-stage
  • 40% Later-stage

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