We've worked closely with SaaS leaders to identify the key trends driving the industry to curate an impactful agenda that will challenge and inspire you in equal measure.

2019 Conference Themes

The Struggle


Nothing worth having comes easy. The Struggle is dedicated to the painful lessons learned by founders at the vanguard of SaaS. Money lost, difficult decisions and mistakes made. We’ll explore how entrepreneurs can manage their mental health, finances, teams and co-founders, and hear war stories from the hustlers who pivoted their business to hit the big time.



Dedicated to the revolutionary ideas, individuals, companies and technologies which push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. Ripping up the playbook and redefining the landscape is the name of the game. Whether they’re creating a new category, building a groundbreaking product or experimenting with transformational technologies, expect to hear from the visionaries shaping the future of SaaS.

Hiring & Culture

Hiring & Culture

Creating your company culture is both art and science. We can only build great companies off the back of strong teams with an open and inclusive culture. SaaStock will bring together culture creators to answer tough questions on diversity and inclusion, hiring practices and founder/employee relationships, helping you to build a better business with empathy, honesty, and humility.


Funding & Investment

How does money move in a thriving SaaS ecosystem, and what are the key metrics and KPIs used to value SaaS businesses? SaaStock will deep-dive into the framework for crafting win-win VC relationships and navigating funding challenges, and examine the merits and perils of bootstrapping. We’ll forecast the future of the cloud market, explore strategies for managing liquidity, and hear from the investors renowned for backing the next big thing.



Building a great product and finding product-market fit are essential to your SaaS business. SaaStock will deep-dive into the best practice strategies for product-led growth, including improving user experience in onboarding, driving adoption and ensuring engagement. We’ll explore tried and tested methods to secure customer retention, outline the roadmap for creating winning platforms and examine strategies to maximize scalability.



How do you select the right pricing model for your SaaS business? From usage-based, freemium, and per user, to flat rate, tiered and everything in between, the choice can be overwhelming. We’ll walk you through approaches to pricing strategies, including psychological pricing tactics, pricing page design, discounting and localization, to ensure that you leave equipped with the tactics and timelines to supercharge your pricing strategy.



SaaStock will explore best practice strategies for international expansion, digging into complex questions surrounding relocation: hiring, culture, language, and timezones. We’ll outline how to select the right target markets, create go-to-market plans, navigate new regulatory landscapes and localize your product and messaging. We’ll examine which functions to establish and how to structure your landing team to ensure you have the right tools to land and expand successfully.

Customer Success

Customer Success

Ensuring your customer feels heard and valued is one of the cornerstones of commercial success. SaaStock will interrogate concrete strategies for improving customer onboarding, reducing CAC and increasing LTV. We’ll bring together customer success experts to showcase tried-and-tested methodologies for reducing churn and increasing conversion rates by putting the customer at the heart of everything you do.



How do you create the sales model that works for your team, customers and market? SaaStock will unpick methods to build better sales experiences and benchmark the business cases for inbound and outbound sales. We’ll explore how to structure your team for growth, both SMB and enterprise. Expect to uncover unconventional touchpoints and proven tactics to supercharge your revenue.



Explore the metrics that are needed to understand and optimize a SaaS business. Get to grips with the Unit Economics you need for your SaaS company and how to define, track and communicate complex concepts both internally and externally. We’ll deep-dive into ARR/MRR and churn, discuss funnel metrics, examine the peculiarities of SaaS P&L and cash flow, and explore which growth levers are available to management.

Marketing & Growth

Marketing & Growth

Whether growing your company, targeting new markets or re-evaluating your strategy, perception matters. We’ll be hearing from SaaS growth gurus, social media savants, analytics aficionados and channel champions. Expect concrete strategies for nailing and scaling your marketing efforts, uncovering new niches, and landing and expanding across geographies.


Operations & Scalability

Getting to grips with the internal mechanics of running a company is an ongoing process. SaaStock will examine the commercial validity of remote working and dig deep into the processes successful businesses put in place and explore how you can create them for your organization. We’ll outline best practice in creating and communicating your company’s vision and values to ensure team buy-in and demonstrate tangible benefits on the bottom line.

Stage Identities



If your ARR is between $0 - $1m, The Traction Stage offers expert advice tailored to your needs from the business leaders who are making their mark and creating the future of SaaS. Hear tomorrow’s success stories today and meet the next generation of movers and shakers disrupting the SaaS landscape.



The Growth Stage provides cutting edge insight into the companies with an ARR of $1 - $10m. We’ll hear from the innovators who are changing the face of SaaS and provide practical, actionable strategies to rock your revenue. You’ll uncover how to manage growing pains, build best-in-class products and top-notch teams, and master your market(s).



Meet the pioneering SaaS founders with an ARR of $10 - $100m, and beyond! The Scale Stage is where we’ll hear from the brightest stars in the SaaS galaxy, the founders and CEOs who have shaped the industry as we know it. Listen as they divulge the secrets behind their success and share tactics and strategies for propelling your business into the stratosphere.

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Workshop stage

Dedicated hands-on workshops from the best in the business. Get deep-dive insights and practical strategies to turn your SaaS up to eleven in a series of intimate, peer-driven discussion groups


Podcast Stage

This is your chance to get up close and personal with your SaaS heroes in an intimate and interactive setting.  We'll be hosting SaaStock Unplugged (with roving mics and an emphasis on dialogue), as well as a line-up of stalwart tech podcasters broadcasting live from Dublin. Make sure you grab your seat to watch the live broadcast!


Accelerate STAGE

The SaaStock Pitch Competition is back! And that’s not all, our Accelerate stage will cater to fledgling startups, offering strategic talks from investors, incubators and accelerators. Come for the pitches, stay for the insights.