Stories and tips to help you get through this.

We ran a series of online sessions, bringing together SaaS founders and execs to learn with industry experts on leadership, marketing, sales, and fundraising in times of crisis - and beyond.


The SaaS community is made up of adaptable, innovative problem-solvers. Now more than ever we are united by the same goals: to adapt, to rebuild, and to find new ways to thrive. The hunger for creative solutions to increase customer value, to safeguard employees, and to ensure your businesses’ longevity has never been greater.


So why not join forces and tackle this threat with actionable strategies? The SaaStock team presents a series of online sessions hosted by Alex Theuma, our Founder & CEO, giving you a platform to connect with industry leaders from Typeform, Drift, Accel and more.


This is your chance to share your challenges and have experts answer your crisis management and communications plan questions, and to ensure you’re equipped with the actionable tactics you need to survive, adapt, re-build, and thrive.

Each session features:

🗣 Four global SaaS leaders, ready to share their experience and insights with you

💡 Four 10-minute ‘top tips’ segments from each speaker

💬 Networking conversations picked at random with your peers, to share ideas and learn from each other.

Why connect in a crisis?

⚡️ Get first-hand insights

🥂 Network with your peers

💡 Solidify your tactics

1500x600px - Leadership (1)

This global pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on leadership teams. It may still be a long time before normality returns to our businesses and lives. So how can you reinvent yourself and your business model to survive this crisis? Connect with four industry leaders to explore practical advice to help you coordinate teams, shift priorities and stay agile in the face of future crises.

Talk 1: Joaquim Lecha, CEO @ Typeform

"Preparing ourselves for a new world" (Skip to 07:37)

Talk 2: Michael Litt, Co-Founder & CEO @ Vidyard

"How to unite a remote team" (Skip to 22:12)

Talk 3: Jaleh Rezaei, CEO & Co-Founder @ Mutiny HQ

"Don't treat employees like children" 

Talk 4: Dan Martell, Chief Instigator @ Dan Martell

"Transformations Vs Transactional leadership" (Skip to 36:47)

Talk 1: Steve Broudy, VP & Head of Sales @ Bevy Labs

"A buyer's perspective: stop talking AT me in the midst of COVID: why your marketing sounds super noisy right now" (Skip to 8:04)

Talk 2: Farlan Dowell, VP Sales @ Cleanshelf

"Stay calm and gong on" (Skip to 20:58)

Talk 3: Steli Efti CEO @ Close

"Not the strongest, but the most adaptable survive. How to change your mindset/process/approach to selling during Covid-19 to survive & thrive this global crisis." (Skip to 34:07)

Talk 4: Jacco vanderKooij, Founder & CEO @ Winning by Design

"The implication of the use of a science on sales" (Skip to 46:20)

1500x600px - Sales (3)

What do you do when all your revenue stops, deals go out the window and partnerships come to a halt? How can your sales teams nurture their connections, and lend a helping hand to their network? This current crisis has exposed our reliance on a single revenue stream, so we have no choice but to adapt, shift our priorities, and start generating revenue again. Hear speakers share their challenges, network with and learn from your fellow sales pros, and reinvent the (fly)wheel!

1500x600px - Marketing

Marketing is the core of a business’ communications and is crucial to get right when times are hard. From delivering sensitive, empathetic communications to sharing content that continues to connect with your community - it’s all in the hands of your Marketing team. We’re bringing together 5 SaaS marketing gurus to help re-strategize your positioning, build a sense of community, and virtually connect with people... in a lockdown.

Talk 1: Tricia Gellman, CMO @ Drift

"Maximizing digital: How to rethink your marketing mix in the digital age" (Skip to 10:09)

Talk 2: Guillaume Moubeche, Co-Founder & CEO @ Lemlist

"How to find the best topics to write about in a time of crisis" (Skip to 22:22)

Talk 3: April Dunford, Founder @ Ambient Strategy

"How Should your Positioning Change in a Downturn" (Skip to 37:08)

Talk 4: Bill Macaitis, Advisor & Board Member @ Macaitis Advisory

"Messaging: Updating your homepage and key assets to remain relevant and a shift to more ROI focused messaging" (Skip to 50:56)

Talk 5: Georgiana Laudi, SaaS Marketing & Growth Advisor @ Forget the Funnel

"How to understand your customers and make better decisions when all bets are off" (Skip to 1:00:19)

Talk 1: Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder & GP @ Hustle Fund

"Understanding what resources are scarce and what sources are abundant around you" (Skip to 06:10)

Talk 2: Jos White, General Partner @ Notion Capital

"Focus on efficiency and opportunity in the short term and Continue to articulate (and not apologise for) the power of your vision in the long term" (Skip to 19:18)

Talk 3: Christoph Janz, Managing Partner @ Point Nine Capital

"Tips and tricks for fundraising during COVID-19" (33:07)

Talk 4: Philippe Botteri, Partner @ Accel

"5 tips to make it easy to raise during COVID" (48:10)

1500x600px - Raising Capital (1)

Fund planning for stability during a pandemic is a tough challenge but it’s not impossible. Experienced investors will tell you that the unicorns of today were born in the downturn of 2008 - like Slack, Zendesk or Cloudera. If you’re a founder seeking capital, come connect and collaborate with investors from Point Nine Capital, Accel, The Hustle Fund, and Notion and get expert advice on how to stand out from the pack!

Interested in more insightful content? Join us at SaaStock Remote this June, 10-11, for the SaaStock you know and love, online!