Stories, tips, and time to connect with your SaaS community

We are running our second series of online sessions,
bringing together SaaS founders and execs to learn with industry experts.

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The SaaS community is made up of adaptable, innovative problem-solvers. Now more than ever we are united by the same goals: to adapt, to rebuild, and to find new ways to thrive. The hunger for creative solutions to increase customer value, to safeguard employees, and to ensure your businesses’ longevity has never been greater.


So why not join forces, put on our problem-solving hats, and share short,sharp and actionable strategies? The SaaStock team presents a series of online sessions hosted by Alex Theuma, our Founder & CEO, giving you a platform to connect with industry leaders from HubSpot, Miro, and more.


This is your chance to share your challenges and have experts answer your SaaS questions, through an interactive, real-time experience, to ensure you’re equipped with the actionable tactics you need to solve your toughest business challenges and continue to grow.

Series 2 Sessions:


The path to product/market fit can be full of twists and turns. Have you identified the ways your product meets customer needs and solves their challenges - ways your competitors do not? And does your value proposition align with your customer needs and distribution channels, so your customers can see the value in your product? If so, you could be close to reaching PMF. But how do you sustain that fit, once you find it? Join industry leaders from Superhuman, Slite and PlayPlay for their top tips on getting to product/market fit.


How do you grow a SaaS startup? That's the big - and ever-changing - question. The journey from $0-$1M is completely different from $1M-$10M, which is then different from the $10M-$100M growth stage. Connect with top industry leaders to explore advice to help you accelerate and sustain growth, and practical tips for where to focus to drive growth at different stages of your startup journey.

Each session features


Global SaaS leaders, ready to share their experience and insights with you


10-minute ‘top tips’ segments from each speaker


Networking conversations picked at random with your peers

Series 1: Crisis. Missed a session? Watch back now!

How can you reinvent yourself and your business model to survive this crisis? Hear from four industry leaders who explore practical advice to help you coordinate teams, shift priorities and stay agile in the face of future crises.

What do you do when all your revenue stops, deals go out the window and partnerships come to a halt? Hear speakers share their challenges, how to nurture your connections, and reinvent the (fly)wheel!

Marketing is the core of a business’ communications and is crucial to get right when times are hard. 5 SaaS marketing gurus share ways to re-strategize your positioning, and build a sense of community... in a lockdown.

If you’re a founder seeking capital, come connect and collaborate with investors from Point Nine Capital, Accel, The Hustle Fund, and Notion and get expert advice on how to stand out from the pack!

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