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2022 Bootcamps

17 OCTOBER 2022 | Various Locations Across Dublin
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Join one of the pre-event bootcamps, offering advanced-level mentoring in intimate hands-on workshops that deep-dive into specific business challenges. All bootcamps take place on 17th October 2022, at 9am-4pm. Each bootcamp will take place at a unique location in Dublin.

Sponsored By Profitwell

Profitwell experts Peter Zotto and Patrick Doran will be hosting a bootcamp dedicated to getting your monetisation and pricing right for hyper growth. Through their history working on the pricing for companies like Atlassian, Autodesk, New Relic, and thousands more, they’ve seen inside more SaaS and subscription companies from a financial perspective than anyone else on the planet. Together, they’ll work through the pricing framework they’ve used and taught to customers that’s created, and continues to create, billions of dollars in revenue for these businesses.


Keeping an eye on new opportunities and thinking outside that traditional box is what puts successful growth marketing strategies ahead of the others - what works today, may not work tomorrow. When well-planned, correctly aligned with business goals and with the right tools, growth marketing could bring your company the measurable growth it needs to scale. This bootcamp dives into the why and how of instilling a growth marketing mindset and executing in the ever changing landscape of digital media.


Going global is a common dream for all SaaS companies. Expanding into new markets, boosting revenue, developing your global competitiveness, it all sounds great and is all possible, but can only be achieved with a laser focused strategy. The ambition to internationalise isn’t enough to jump straight in; the purpose, the where and the how should all be factored into your decision making. There aren’t secrets to success, but there are steps. This bootcamp offers you first-hand experience to better your chances of success on the journey to competing globally.

OUTBOUND SALES: The ultimate playbook for success

Cold call. Cold email. Follow up email. LinkedIn message. It’s a familiar line of one-way communication for many sales teams. However, outbound sales still plays a significant role for early-stage SaaS companies looking to scale and can, potentially, directly influence a company’s growth. A playbook with the right strategy, accurate ideal customer profile, strong prospecting, realistic KPIs and fair benchmarking, the importance of getting your outbound sales strategy in a strong position, could be one of the keys to success for your company.

Sponsored By Founderpath

Curated by one of the leading and best connected voices in SaaS, Nathan Latka, this bootcamp dives deep into what it takes for CEOs to outperform their competition. A world-class CEO is more than the visionary of the company, they need an arsenal of strategies, data points and know-how as they scale to the very top. After interviewing thousands of global SaaS CEOs, their steps and secrets are ready to be shared in this very bootcamp.

MARKETING: Unlocking the ROI of content

Many of us view marketing as bringing customers to the point of sale, and with the notable entries of content marketing and story-led growth, has the way we acquire and retain customers changed completely? With some Founders and CEOs strongly vouching for these approaches being responsible for supercharging their customer acceleration, this bootcamp, hosted by marketing experts, practically outlines how fruitful they could be for your company’s growth.

SCALING UP: The scaling roadmap that works

The art and science of scaling a SaaS company is one of common conversation. With a bunch of things to consider including product/market fit, go-to-market strategies, revenue generation, there’s plenty to discuss when it comes to establishing a presence in a new market. This bootcamp offers a series of workshops, hosted by scaling experts, to help you leave no stone unturned and supercharge your scaling strategy.


Churn rate. Customer lifetime value. Net promoter score. The metrics can get confusing when trying to understand which are fundamental to driving core growth. Having a robust customer success function at the heart of your company, could be the first line of defence you will always need. PwC’s Experience is Everything report found that 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. By highlighting the must-haves within customer success, details on what you should be mapping and measuring, this bootcamp delivers on what your customers may need from you.


When the term ‘product-led growth’ was coined in 2016, many believed it was the future of SaaS. Often hailed as the ‘modern GTM’, its merits have proved strong as ‘PLG companies are growing faster and showing 80% higher revenue multipliers than traditional companies. With seemingly great upside potential, how do you benchmark for PLG? This bootcamp uncovers some of the five core pillars that could help your company embrace the end user era.


The journeys of two SaaS CEOs are never the same, but often have commonalities. From scaling a company, to hiring and firing, raising capital, supporting your team and all whilst trying to enjoy the journey. This dedicated bootcamp teaches outside of the usual sales and marketing boxes and focuses on another significant driver for success, the CEO. Delivered by leading voices across the SaaS world, benefit from hearing the mistakes made and successes earned from the very top.


The transition from SMBs to mid-market and enterprise customers can be a daunting one. It can mean big growth and revenue boosts via fewer customers, but without a solid strategy in place, it could come with a few nasty surprises. This bootcamp covers some of the most important points to consider when moving up market and could bolden your chances of success before the transition has even begun.

INBOUND SALES: Building an inbound revenue generator

Your potential customers have access to more information now, than ever before. Long gone are the days of traditional, siloed sales teams. Inbound sales strategies bring a more fluid, natural transition sales process to the customer which could build an inbound revenue generator that companies dream of. This bootcamp runs through the four stages of the inbound sales methodology and gives you all the know-how needed when using them to accelerate your company revenue.


The investor ‘growth at all costs’ sentiment ended some time ago, we all know that the fundraising arena looks very different today, than it did in 2020. With such a shift towards a more balanced view of growth and efficiency, what will it take to raise capital in 2022/23? Raising capital is rarely straightforward but can be crucial to your company’s growth. This bootcamp brings the number-crunching analysis to the table and unveils the new-found criteria investors are looking for.

TALENT CONCENTRATION: Creating a company where everyone wants to work

The race to recruit and retain top talent is one challenge the European (and global) tech ecosystem has faced for some time. OpenView’s 2022 State of SaaS Talent Report stated that ‘Hiring is a top priority – 64% of businesses plan on hiring even more people in 2022 than they did in 2021. So, how exactly do you elevate your company to become a hotbed for talent? From creating well balanced hiring plans, to meeting expectations and showcasing one unified vision, it’s all possible with the right strategy. This bootcamp shows why a one size fits all approach won’t work and how building a talent advantage could be crucial for your company’s future.