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What growth-focused finance leaders should be prioritising

Investors’ expectations on what to prove and achieve

The growth-critical metrics all finance leaders should be tracking

Steps to building out your business case for implementing new software

Key areas to consider when forecasting

At scaleup stage, growth can be lightning-fast.

Venture-backed, fast-growing SaaS companies have a unique growth trajectory, and understanding, managing, and providing clarity on the company’s finances is a crucial part of that.

A successful SaaS Finance Leader must:

Understand the startup-to-scaleup journey

Be able to move from a tactical role into a strategic one

Act as a core part of the company’s leadership team

Maintain alignment with the CEO

Our eBook, powered by Sage Intacct, is a guide designed to help you scale-up your SaaS company.

If you have ambitious growth goals, multi-person teams with specialists in most areas across the business, this guide is for you.