A one day accelerator for your SaaS

São Paulo | August 31, 2020


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What is SaaS.City?

SaaS.City is a series of focussed workshops structured to  faciliate learning and networking. It takes place across a variety of venues throughout São Paulo and is an upgraded experience open to SaaStock LatAm ticket holders only.

Roll up your sleeves and join one of the pre-event bootcamps, offering advanced-level mentoring in intimate hands-on workshops that deep-dive into specific business challenges. You’ll take part in a structured, peer-driven learning environment and leave equipped with practical solutions, frameworks, and methodologies to overcome any obstacle. Get in touch to find out more.

The Bootcamps


SaaS.City is designed to help you accelerate your SaaS through a series of vertical or issue-specific workshops curated by leading experts.

Choose your bootcamp and get ready to turn your SaaS up to eleven!