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Monday 15 October 2018 | The Alex, Dublin


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10:00Registration & Networking
11:00ISIF’s Approach to the Promotion of the Early Stage Innovation Landscape in Ireland: LP positions, Strategic Partnerships & Direct Funding
Established in December 2014, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund’s mandate is to invest on a commercial basis in support of economic impact and employment in Ireland. It is active across the Irish economy but its scale, strategic nature and long term outlook are attributes that lend themselves particularly well for the support of innovation based opportunities that can promote resilience and sustainability in the Irish economy. Via an inherited portfolio from its predecessor fund, the National Pensions Reserve Fund, the ISIF has been an active participant in the Irish VC landscape since 2007 and has continued to evolved its approach as the market matures through strategic partnerships and direct investment activity. This talk will set out how the ISIF Unit thinks about achieving its goals through LP positions with local and international venture firms, strategic partnerships and direct equity co-investments in the market. We will also set out current priorities and how new partners can best interact with the ISIF Unit in respect of opportunities that might align with these.

  • James Brennan, Investment Director, Ireland Strategic Investment Fund
11:30How VCs Raise Capital & Build Relationships with LPs
Governments and family offices are your fund's main backers, however you'd like to also include corporates, endowments, institutions, and pension funds. In contrast to fundraising for a startup, LPs have longer time frames, many existing relationships to manage, which can make the hurdle high for becoming a new managers. How do you identify new LPs? What are their common objections? How do you ensure a quick fundraise from a diversified LP base to solidify your brand for the third, fifth fund, and so on?

  • Joyce Liu, Principal, Dawn Capital
  • Videesha Böckle, Founding Partner, Signals
  • Claire Carroll, Senior Investment Advisor, Enterprise Ireland
12:00Structured Meeting Time
12:30Prevailing Forces of Change for Investing in 2018 & Beyond
The UK fundraising environment is currently highly fluid as multiple forces are driving the winds of change across the country. Join this session to gain insight into early stage fundraising and investing as we explore the lessons learned from fund #1 applied to raising - and then investing - fund #2. We’ll discuss the changes and trends prevailing in the UK, including the impact of macro factors and how the evolution of the funding environment has created a much more dynamic and competitive environment. We’ll also discuss how in a crowded, noisy and rapidly evolving market you have to be very clear about your proposition.

  • Paul McNabb, Managing Partner, Episode1
14:00Portfolio Value Add in an Increasingly Competitive Market
In an oversaturated market, creating competitive differentials is key to securing long-term success, but navigating the landscape can be complex and create a barrier to effective decision-making, leaving many VCs on the back foot. This session will explore how portfolio value-add can be a differentiator and explore the best practice strategies to ensure that you have a direct and measurable impact. From corporate evergreen funds, to highly operational funds you’ll hear a range of perspectives from across the spectrum and leave with actionable insights to apply to your own strategy.

  • Megumi Ikeda, Managing Director, Hearst Ventures
  • Martin Afshari-Mehr, Director, Salesforce Ventures
  • Bartosz Jakubowski, Venture Lead, EQT Ventures
  • Stephen Millard, Chief Platform Officer, Notion
14:45Structured Meeting Time
15:15Valuation Trends in the European SaaS Landscape
The European software sector is perceived by some to be lagging behind its US counterpart in terms of valuations, but how do they actually compare? In this session, we will recap on the key metrics and KPIs used to value SaaS businesses before reviewing the levels of private capital which have gone in to fund the European SaaS ecosystem. We will then summarise the significant exit activity and valuations achieved over the past five years before comparing the returns US and European listed SaaS stocks have delivered to shareholders over the same period. Will Europe deliver some surprising results?

  • Hugh Campbell, Founding Partner, GP Bullhound
  • Alex McCracken, MD, Silicon Valley Bank
15:45Software 2018: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?
Software’s accelerating growth across the economy, and society, is making technology more indispensable in our everyday lives. Affecting everything from workplace productivity to our dating lives, the simple truth is that every company is now becoming a software company. Presented as a follow-up to last year's 'Software 2017,' 'Software 2018' provides an update on the shifting software landscape and just where things are headed.

  • Logan Bartlett, VP, Battery Ventures
16:15End of Sessions- On to the Pubcrawl!
18:00Welcome Party at Tramline, D2
"A must attend event for any SaaS investor"
Markus Grundmann, Partner, Senovo