“Knowledge is only rumour until it’s in the muscle.”

“Knowledge is only rumour until it’s in the muscle.”

Workshops are an opportunity for you to take what you’ve learnt on Day 1 and 2, and put it into practice. You’ll be able to get hands-on with the industry experts who’ve shared their stories and strategies on the SaaStock EMEA online stage.


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Please note: Each workshop will aim to be 30 minutes long, but in some cases, may run over to a maximum of 45 minutes.


Delighting Customers with Actionable Analytics made Beautifully Simple

THURS 14 OCT | 1:30PM GMT +1

Theme: What's the secret to increasing retention & reducing churn?

Speakers: Geoff Sheppard (VP Sales EMEA, Yellowfin BI) and Nathan Goddard (Technical Product Consultant, Yellowfin BI

More details: Not everyone is a data analyst, yet everyone needs data insights to perform their roles. Your product must ensure that data is in the hands of users and they can simply and efficiently extract data analytics, make critical business decisions and take action. You’ll learn:

  • Embedding/white-labelling advanced analytics into your product
  • Offering your customers self-service analytics
  • The latest modern analytical capabilities that will change your product
  • Helping your customer take action on the data in your product
  • How to tell data stories
Anyone attending this Yellowfin workshop will be entered into a prize draw to win a $200 virtual gift experience and will get the chance to pay their time forwards to a notable cause.

How to Use JTBD to Get More Signups for your SaaS without Spending Another Dime on Marketing

THURS 14 OCT | 1:30PM GMT +1

Theme: How can I grow revenue from $1 to $10M ARR?

Speaker: Georgiana Laudi (Co-Founder, Forget The Funnel)

More details: Want more high LTV customers? Turning up the spend on marketing to get more leads through the door can be a fool's errand. Customer acquisition is not just about the quality of your marketing channels, but the quality of your “words”. Drawing on her extensive experience working with, mentoring and advising 100s of SaaS companies like Sprout Social, Unbounce, Appcues & SparkToro, Gia will share how to use JTBD (Jobs-to-be-Done) to increase signups without additional marketing spend. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get inside your best customers heads
  • Uncover why they chose you
  • Spot the gaps between what they need and what your marketing provides

Discover how Stuart delivers personal, proactive support – in a scalable way


Theme: What's the secret to increasing retention & reducing churn?

Speaker: Max Klimmek (Manager, Account Executives, Intercom)

More details: Owned by GeoPost, Stuart is the leading logistics platform in Europe, operating in more than 100 cities with over 3,500 clients and counting. Having previously used email and SMS to communicate with both their clients and couriers, the team at Stuart knew they needed a channel that was faster, more efficient, and more personal to help them onboard and support their customer base as they grew their presence across Europe.

It's a Minefield: How to Navigate the Future of Work


Theme: How can I hire, build & scale an A grade team?

Speakers: Ian Jones (Director & Co-Founder, AMPLYFI) and Rony Seamons (CPO, AMPLYFI)

More details: The way we work has arguably changed more in the past 2 years than in the past 2 decades. The fluctuation from fully in-person, to remote to hybrid work has created unique challenges for startups - from company culture to communication. AMPLYFI has experienced this shift first-hand. In this workshop, founder Ian and Chief People Officer Rony will share lessons and learnings from their experiences, to help you navigate the future of work for your team. You’ll learn:

  • Key considerations when implementing a hybrid work model; including how to avoid creating an ‘us vs. them’ dynamic
  • Strategies for maintaining inclusion, engagement and team welfare in a globally-distributed team
  • Tactics for keeping the startup spirit alive in whatever context

Scale your business with fintech: why, when and how

THURS 14 OCT | 2:30PM GMT +1

Speaker: Hasan Nawaz (CEO & Co-Founder, HUBUC)

More details: Fintech is leading the next evolution of SaaS: from driving more revenue to creating stronger bonds with customers. So, how can you capitalise on this FinTech wave? & How do you make this happen for your business in practical terms? In this workshop, HUBUC CEO & Co-Founder Hasan will discuss how to scale your SaaS business with FinTech. You’ll learn:

  • What embedded finance is, and why is it relevant for your business
  • Which business stage to embed FinTech into your SaaS offering
  • Practical case studies of how businesses have accelerated growth with Fintech

Leaders of Growth: A Framework to Scale Across Series A to C

THURS 14 OCT | 2:30PM GMT +1

Theme: What are VCs looking for at the Seed and Series A Stage

Speaker: Arthur Nobel (Principal, Knight VC)

More details: Startups struggle with scaling their company. Only 7% of the companies raising a Seed round manage to raise a series C round. In this workshop, Arthur will provide an actionable framework to help you scale across series A to C, based on the learnings of 47 founders and operators. You'll learn:

  • How to build your scaling roadmap
  • The advantages of having a head of scaling
  • How to tackle scaling challenges

Enroute to Building an Enterprise Company: Why What you Don't do Could Be as Powerful as What You Actually do


Theme: How can I align product and business development?

Speakers: Poojan Kumar (CEO & Co-Founder, Clumio) and Afza Wajid (Global Business Lead, SaaS, AWS)

More details: The growing customer preference for SaaS has put enterprise software startups in a rare position of advantage compared to established firms. AWS SaaS Factory chats with Poojan Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of Clumio, about the early successes and learnings from steering the startup that is disrupting a segment filled with corporate behemoths.

Multiplying Excellence: Making the Most of your A-team through Automation


Theme: How can I hire, build & scale an A grade team?

Speaker: Mark Simon (VP Strategy, Celigo)

More details: Scaling your A-team shouldn't only be about hiring new team members - it should also be about empowering them to do more with the resources at hand. By adopting an agile automation-first with key integration technologies, leading companies are multiplying their team's velocity, agility, and ability to deliver top-quality work. In this session, Mark Simon, VP of Strategy at Celigo, will discuss how companies are building automation roadmaps to make the most of the opportunity at hand.

A Masterclass in Building a Marketing Machine - From Startup to Scale-up

THURS 14 OCT | 3:30PM GMT +1

Themes: How can I build a marketing machine?

Speaker: Ramesh Ravishankar (Senior Director, Marketing, Freshworks)

More details: If there’s one word every startup founder is obsessed with, its “growth.” At the heart of every great growth plan lies a solid marketing strategy. So, how can you fire up your flywheel? In this workshop, marketing and growth expert Ramesh will share actionable tactics for building and scaling your marketing engine. You’ll learn:

  • How to design your marketing strategy, from startup to scaleup
  • How to identify & double-down on the channels that work for you
  • Which marketing metrics you should track, at what business stage

How to Drive GTM Efficiency through Technology

THURS 14 OCT | 3:30PM GMT +1

Theme: How can I grow revenue from $1 to $10M ARR?

Speaker: Amir Biran (Senior Director, Sales, ZoomInfo)

More details: As companies start their journey towards building a successful business, they need to strategize, prepare business plans, hire leaders, and build teams to support their marketing and sales strategies. The challenge? Finding a way to increase sales, obtain as many new customers as possible, and drive productivity - all while minimising their overall spend. In this workshop, revenue expert Amir will share how to build a foundation for revenue growth and successful GTM motions through technology. You’ll learn:

  • Tips for identifying and implementing the right tools
  • Strategies for driving GTM efficiency
  • Tactics for growing your business from $1M to $10M ARR

5 Ways to Maximize Your Billing System for Growth


Theme: How can I align product and business development?

Speaker: Barrow Hamilton (CPO, Chargify)

More details: Billing impacts nearly every area of your business, so it’s crucial to set up your system for success. Unfortunately, many companies don’t take the time to evaluate the health of their billing system, and their growth strategy suffers for it. Join Barrow Hamilton, Chief Product Officer at Chargify, as he walks you through 5 areas of billing which have a direct affect on your business, and how to assess each one for growth opportunities.

A Step by Step Guide to Building a Product Strategy that Fuels Growth


Theme: What's the secret to increasing retention & reducing churn?

Speaker: Mickey Alon (CTO & Founder, Gainsight PX)

More details: Finding Product-market-fit is the first milestone in the journey for building sustainable growth. The next level of growth depends on the company’s ability to repeat the initial success by offering new products that help expand its TAM. Drawing on his experience building innovative SaaS products, Mickey will share a step-by-step guide for building a multi-product strategy to drive growth. You'll learn:

- A step-by-step guide for building a multi-product strategy which drives growth
- How to make data-driven decisions, drive product adoption and innovation
- The core principles of a successful product strategy.

Why Most SaaS Companies Miss the Retention Mark: Tactical Growth Lessons from 28.4k Companies

THURS 14 OCT | 4:30PM GMT +1

Theme: What's the secret to increasing retention & reducing churn?

Speaker: Patrick Campbell (CEO & Founder, Profitwell)

More details: We all know that generally “churn is bad”. But, beyond a few salvage emails and some dunning on failed payments, most companies fail to find a cohesive strategy. That fact is hugely costing them, both in revenue and missed growth potential. In this workshop, Patrick will be breaking down data from 28.4k companies to pinpoint the best retention strategy. You’ll walk away armed with:

  • A better understanding of voluntary and involuntary churn
  • Quick hit changes to immediately implement with your team to boost revenue
  • An awareness of the common drivers of customer churn & how to avoid them

How to Build the Perfect B2B SaaS Sales Compensation Model

THURS 14 OCT | 4:30PM GMT +1

Theme: How can I grow revenue from $1 to $10M ARR?

Speaker: Jonathan Anguelov (GM & Co-Founder, Aircall)

More details: The best product or service in the world will never get off the ground without a high-performing sales team to close deals. Developing a team like that requires you to attract and retain top-level sales talent. That means building the best sales compensation model you can to incentivise your sales professionals. In this workshop, Jon will share how you can design a strong sales compensation model built on scalability, fairness, and cost-effectiveness. You’ll learn:

  • Why a compensation structure should evolve as your business grows
  • How to match compensation with the real value of each deal your company makes
  • Tactics for creating a predictable model to align Finance & Sales around revenue