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On Monday 12 October, we’ve got a full day of dedicated workshops for SaaS founders, investors, and executives to deep dive into specific business challenges. These workshops are open to All-Access and Teams ticket holders only. 

You’ll join your peers in a structured learning environment, take part in in-depth discussions, and leave equipped with practical frameworks, methodologies, and solutions to tackle any obstacle. 

Our workshops will vary in length, style, topic and format. Once our agenda has been released, you'll be able to personalise your workshop program by using our theme-based filters. 


Selling in remote

MON 12 OCT | 4PM - 5PM CEST | 3PM - 4PM BST

In this workshop, we’ll share how to build a winning sales strategy in remote. You’ll learn how to:


  • Build and manage a first line remote international sales team - PODs
  • Reach potential customers remotely: from asynchronous communication to social selling
  • Help in the decision making of the buyer: from internal alignment to upselling.
Jacco vanderKooij Workshop


MON 12 OCT | 2PM - 3PM CEST | 1PM - 2PM BST

In this workshop, we’ll share how to develop a winning product-led growth strategy. You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement customer feedback and product usage data to drive growth
  • Build a robust and informed product roadmap; the qualitative and quantitative inputs needed
  • Align your entire team around your customer(s) voice
Wes Bush Workshop

3 Steps To Reduce Founder Stress

MON 12 OCT | 3PM - 4PM CEST | 2PM - 3PM BST

With mental health being brought to the forefront of everyone's mind, it's important to know how stress can impact your business. In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • How Founder stress has an outsized impact on the business
  • How conventional Founder stress reduction is fine, but only goes so far
  • That there are hidden triggers of Founder stress
  • The good news: you can identify these hidden triggers and take steps to design the environment around you to reduce Founder stress
Todd Uterstaedt Workshop


MON 12 OCT | 1PM - 2PM CEST | 12PM - 1PM BST

During times like this it's easy to lose a sense of who we are and who we want to become. Everything can quickly blend together and often we can feel as if we're stalling, or simply surviving rather than thriving. With a few simple tools you can however upgrade your identity, increase your productivity, and build your antifragility - closing the gap between who you are and who you're capable of being!

Eric Partaker Workshop (1)


MON 12 OCT | 1PM - 2PM CEST | 12PM - 1PM BST

Sales Specialization is the standard model for the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world. It helps create teams that are more effective, resilient and adaptable. Aaron Ross, Co-CEO of Predictable Revenue, will lead a session on what works and doesn't with specialization. Leave with a clear idea of what roles you should change or add, and who you should hire or transfer next... and of course, much more clarity on what causes outbound selling to succeed or fail.
He'll cover topics like:

  • How Sales Specialization - done right - creates the foundation of long term success
  • Do you need to change or add a new sales role, and if so - which one?
  • Who should you hire / transfer, in what order, next?
  • The most common outbound sales team design mistakes
  • Revenue Leadership: 3 Uncommon Practices of Hypergrowth CMOs
Aaron Ross Workshop

Implementing a Hybrid SaaS for Enterprise: SaaS + PaaS

MON 12 OCT | 3PM - 4PM CEST | 2PM - 3PM BST

SaaS products offer standard built-in functionalities and customers have to either take it or leave it. However, enterprise customers often need customizations or integrations to fit their business needs before they can adopt software. Does your platform offer enterprise customers the ability and flexibility to enhance your SaaS product?

Join this workshop and learn how to:

  • Evaluate the effort and costs associated with adding this capability, without changing your current product
  • Identify the additional business value you will be able to sell at a premium to new large enterprise clients
  • Take advantage of highly efficient internal operational processes to build new features, make them instantly available to your entire subscriber base, and provide a far higher level of customer services and support
  • Implement these tactics in both multi-tenant or single-tenant models
Platform.sh Workshop



In this workshop, we’ll share how to master growth marketing in the new normal. You’ll learn:

  • How to unlock the voice of your customer for growth
  • How to build brand awareness & position your product for success
  • Which channels to utilise - so you can optimise traffic & audience generation
Asia Orangio Workshop

How To Build a World-Class Go-To-Market Process

MON 12 OCT | 3PM - 4PM CEST | 2PM - 3PM BST

Is your go-to-market process best in class? Do you measure data every step of the way? If you answered no to either of these—it’s time to make a change. Join ZoomInfo's roundtable and learn new tips and tricks to quickly implement and improve your go-to-market strategy and accelerate revenue growth. We'll discuss to leverage internal and external resources to achieve competitive advantage and meet your bottom line—fast.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

  • Go-To-Market Best Practices
  • Data Driven Optimization
  • How To Drive Higher Revenue Growth
Scott Sutton Workshop

CEO Workshop

MON 12 OCT | 1PM - 2PM CEST | 12PM - 1PM BST

In this CEO workshop, John will share the lessons he learned about CEO/Founder resilience and mental health from the highs and lows of his 17 years as a SaaS CEO, a journey which included raising $15m, and a successful exit.

John Thompson Workshop

CEO Workshop

MON 12 OCT | 2PM - 3PM CEST | 1PM - 2PM BST

In this CEO workshop, we’ll share strategies for leading a successful SaaS business in the new normal. You’ll learn:

  • How to build & expand teams from a CEO’s perspective
  • How to find new life with new customers; when and how to pivot your company from one market to another
Mark Organ Workshop

Want to reach 290,000 customers and speed up time to revenue? Time to contract with AWS Marketplace

MON 12 OCT | 1PM - 2PM CEST | 12PM - 1PM BST

Software Vendors can reach more than 290,000 active AWS Marketplace customers, who benefit from easy deployment and simplified billing for products purchased in AWS Marketplace. In this session, you will learn how Marketplace Sellers like Crowdstrike have cut their average sales cycle down “by almost 50%” through seller-specific features that make it easy to close transactions.

We will discuss how to publish and update products as part of your feature release process with self-service listings, and review how you can target specific customers direct or through partners with special/customized pricing using Seller Private Offers.

Patrick Ludwig Workshop

Keep Selling Personal in Changing Times

MON 12 OCT | 2PM - 3PM CEST | 1PM - 2PM BST

Learn how to build a revenue machine from the team that helped accelerate Intercom’s rapid growth over the last 5 years. This workshop breaks down the steps on how you can recreate personalised selling techniques for your business. Intercom’s Kate O’Hanlon also dives into how to build a highly successful inbound SDR group, as well as how to create a well-oiled high velocity sales team that balances personalisation and automation to drive maximum revenue. What can I expect?

Part 1: Selling in the new normal

Part 2: Personal selling techniques

Part 3: Running Inside Sales Teams

Kate O’Hanlon Workshop

360 degree performance for SaaS CEOs

MON 12 OCT | 2PM - 3PM CEST | 1PM - 2PM BST

In this workshop I share actionable lessons and insights for achieving peak results personally and for your company. Results that can be sustained for years without burning out and without sacrificing company performance. These lessons have been learned from over two decades serving at the right hand of the CEOs of some of the best SaaS companies in the world including Shopify, FreshBooks, Unbounce and many others.

Mark MacLeod Workshop

Lessons learnt in the pandemic for founders

MON 12 OCT | 3PM - 4PM CEST | 2PM - 3PM BST

A workshop and debate on what founders have learned to focus on and/or adapt given unusual circumstances.

Stephen Nundy Workshop

The Role of Finance and Accounting as Your SaaS Company Scales

MON 12 OCT | 3PM - 4PM CEST | 2PM - 3PM BST

The role of finance and accounting in a SaaS company is probably a mystery to most. Yes, we pay the bills and say “no” to a lot of expenditure requests, but there is a lot going in the back office. And, as your SaaS business scales, so must the capabilities of your finance and accounting team. In this workshop, you'll learn about people, process and technology:

People: who you should hire first, what roles are necessary, what roles are nice to have

Process: the major tasks that should occur each month

Technology: the required tech stack for a highly functioning team

Ben Murray Workshop

Ready to Scale? Building your Integration (Automation) Roadmap

MON 12 OCT | 2PM - 3PM CEST | 1PM - 2PM BST

Whether you are just getting your A round or preparing for an IPO, scalability is critical. Automation is key for companies to scale effectively, and integration is a critical component of any automation strategy. But with the many business processes every organization needs, it can be challenging to prioritize and build an effective plan to automate different parts of the business.

In this workshop, integration experts Matt Graney, VP of Product Management, and Mark Simon VP of Strategy and Operations, will share their expertise and insight to provide a practical guide for creating an integration roadmap to support high growth without requiring a significant IT investment.

Celigo Workshop