A tailored programme to hit your revenue goals and become a more confident CMO.


1-day live event

C-level Peer group all-year-round

Tailored workshops

Avoid unsuccessful campaigns with poor returns

To hit your revenue goals and get your SaaS business to 100M ARR, you need to be inspired to think differently, get actionable insights into what the world's best CMOs are doing to stay ahead of the game, and connect with other Scaleup Senior Marketing leaders. We've got you covered.

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With our tailored programme you will learn:

  • How to make your revenue repeatable by hitting your revenue goals consistently

  • How to find, hire and keep the best talent

  • How to stay ahead of best practices and benchmarks for measuring ROI on your spend

  • How to find the martech stack that best-fits your growth goals

  • How to keep sales happy by getting leads that convert

  • Which channels you should invest in, and why, after 2020 changed everything

"The best marketers balance introducing new proprietary ideas with bringing the best from their network. When we have access to someone's blueprint and make it our own we can fast track our growth. Some call it stealing - I call it learning and being a great marketer. Communities like SaaStock highlight some of the best proven plans and the Blueprint to make it your own."

Randy Frisch | CMO, President & Cofounder


The Blueprint includes:

  • 1 day of live sessions to hear exactly what the world's best CMO's are doing to stay ahead of the game including Meagen Eisenberg, CMO, TripActions and Kipp Bodnar, CMO of Hubspot

  • Networking opportunities with other Scaleup Senior Marketing leaders discussing targeted topics and actionable insights

  • Digital Workbook with links to revisit the sessions on demand, plus extra insights from the speakers.

  • Access to Marketing workshops throughout the year

  • Network all-year-round with a peer group of senior marketing professionals on our SaaStock community.

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What will 2021 bring for the world of marketing?

Pre-book your digital workbook

We're excited to announce phase two of our Blueprint Series; this time dedicated to the marketers: helping you hit your revenue goals and become a more confident CMO.

This Digital Workbook will contain all the videos from the live Blueprint event plus key takeaways from each session, with what the world's best CMO's are doing to stay ahead of the game including Ryan Bonnici, Elias Rubel, Meagen Eisenberg and Kipp Bodnar.



We understand the scope of the CMO is growing rapidly and it’s difficult for one person to stay on top of that exponential progress. That’s why over the last five years, we have refined a blueprint based on insights from the world’s greatest SaaS Leaders and marketing specialists, to help you hit your revenue goals and become a more confident CMO.


Be inspired to think differently by this keynote lineup

Our speakers are the ones who thrived in 2020. How? By spotting early consumer trends, deploying advanced tech stacks, and doubling down on the right channels at the right times. And they’re here to show you what they’ve learnt. 


Do you want to know which channels you should be investing to hit your revenue goals, increase brand awareness and get the leads your Sales team needs


1. Get access to the live event

2. Network with peers in the membership group

3. Become more confident and achieve success