The Art of Giving a Chance: How and Why ChartMogul Became our First Sponsor

Unapologetic and with no extra fluff, the email went straight to the point.

"I put to you an opportunity to be in an upcoming edition of SaaScribe."

As Nick Franklin read it, neither the sender, Alex Theuma, nor the publication, SaaScribe, rang a bell. The CEO and founder of Berlin-based ChartMogul looked both up. There were a few interviews on the website, which Alex had started as a community driven SaaS publication. None of the interviewee's names rang any bells, though.

He responded as any SaaS entrepreneur busy growing a company would: “What is your audience like?”

“We are still building it, and it will be big,” Alex responded and further added, “this is a great opportunity to get some air time for the company whilst positioning yourself as a thought leader.”

Nick did have stuff to talk about. ChartMogul's subscription analytics tool had been released a few months back and the founder had recently raised his first seed round from Point Nine Capital.

No publicity would hurt at this point and Nick agreed. The interview went live at the end of February 2015.

Something in Alex's determination to make SaaScribe big sparked Nick’s curiosity, and he followed its progress. Names of interviewees began to ring many bells. Some were his own SaaS heroes. “I was a stepping stone for the whales,” he would joke.

At Web Summit that year, Alex and Nick finally met in person. Alex told Nick that SaaScribe was part of a much bigger vision to create a platform for European SaaS. And the next big thing was to bring it all together at a dedicated SaaS conference, taking place in Europe. That was his dream.

Soon after, Nick got another email from Alex. Attached was a sponsorship pitch deck for SaaStock, a one-day conference planned for September 22nd, 2016 in Dublin.

There was always the chance it would fail.

Yet Nick had observed the growth of SaaScribe. “A persuasive hustler, he can probably pull it off,” Nick thought at the time.

He took the chance. ChartMogul became SaaStock’s first ever Gold sponsor.

September 22nd was a bright and sunny day in Dublin, and SaaStock happened with 700 people attending. As Nick entered RDS, he instantly knew he had made the right decision. “As a conference, it felt better than I had expected. The production, the excitement, and the buzz of the room felt right”

Nick was glad he had taken the punt. As the conference went by, ROI would manifest clearly:

The Brand

The big and beautiful stand ChartMogul built was a great brand building and awareness opportunity. They could be creative and shine their personality.

The Customers

SaaStock got a lot of ChartMogul’s customers in the same room. The sales and customer success engineers that manned the stand spent the day chatting with them. ChartMogul’s model is such that it doesn’t warrant face to face sales meetings, instead operating on a self-service basis. This was an opportunity to meet them for the first time, build genuine relationships, and get valuable feedback on their needs.

The customer interactions happened elsewhere too. “At one of the dinners, I was sitting across from David Cancel, the founder of Drift. They are a client, and he very politely asked for a Slack integration.”

The Team

The five people Nick brought along with him had a great time at the conference. Away from the office and the daily grind, they were surrounded by like-minded individuals, learning and networking away to their heart’s content.

The Serendipity

Encounters abounded throughout the day and night, filling it with opportunity. New leads, partners, and friends. “At breakfast, I met Krish from Chargebee who had just flown in from Chennai. We had a nice chat about our two companies. The next day we ended up together at breakfast again. We figured out it would be great to do something together.” Earlier this year ChartMogul announced an integration with Chargebee.

The Community

In the end, came the realisation that an event like SaaStock cannot take place without its sponsors. The main reason it exists is to bring the community and industry to learn and grow together. Sponsoring it is a way of giving back to both and being a good member to it.

All these reasons are why ChartMogul is coming back as Gold sponsor to SaaStock. You will see Nick and his team having the Craic.

“In only one edition, SaaStock has cemented itself as The SaaS event of Europe. From September 18th to the 20th, Dublin will the number one place to be in the world if you are in SaaS.”

We have come a long way since the first sponsorship pitch deck. Many more of the SaaStock 16 sponsors are returning for SaaStock 17. To make even more of the investment, we have set up a Sponsor Success Team. We only have a few sponsorship opportunities left, give us a shout to learn more.  

Or else just make sure you are there. Get your ticket now.