Want Traction, Growth and Scale? Announcing the SaaStock 2017 Agenda


Want Traction, Growth and Scale? Announcing the SaaStock 2017 Agenda

We said this at the start of the month, and we will repeat ourselves at the end of it - curating a conference agenda is hard, a little sadomasochistic even.

And while building the agenda won’t ever get easy and will take us right up to the conference to finalise it, we are no longer withholding what is coming. Ship and ship early. Hope you are as excited to see the agenda in the making, as we are.

The SaaS Universe is coming to Dublin in September, rightfully expecting ROI on attendance. So let’s be straightforward about it: we're convinced that you as a SaaS Founder, executive, or investor in SaaS companies, will get a 10X ROI on your ticket. Here's why:

99 reasons and SaaS.City is one - 18th September

If you attended last year, you would know that SaaS.City is a one-day accelerator for your SaaS across Dublin city. It’s our vision to have an SXSW for SaaS, with fewer hipsters sipping Southern Comfort and having BBQ, and more bootcamps and workshops to get you thinking and help you grow your SaaS business.

In one extraordinary day, you will have the chance to experience SaaS knowledge bombs dropped by some of our amazing speakers, break the ice (and bread) with SaaS kindred spirits, and swap notes and A-ha moments along the way. You will do so as you experience beautiful Dublin - walk down its cobbled streets, enjoy a perfectly poured Guinness in one of many traditional pubs, listen to an array of traditional musicians, and chat with what are probably the world’s friendliest people. Welcome to Dublin, the SaaS.City.

Let's Supercharge your revenue growth.

Get super tactical advice around the different disciplines of building a great SaaS Business:

  • CEO Bootcamp - Get Coached by 2nd time CEOs including John Thompson, CEO at User Replay and Promise Phelon, CEO of Tap Influence.
  • Sales Bootcamp - Learn from the people writing the playbook like Steli Efti, CEO Close.io; Kyle Porter, CEO SalesLoft; Steven Broudy, Director Inside Sales at MuleSoft; Glenn Cahill, VP EMEA SMB at New Relic.
  • Marketing Bootcamp - Get Marketing Mentoring from four epic SaaS Marketers: Bill Macaitis former CMO at Slack, Zendesk and SVP Salesforce, Guillaume Cabane VP Growth at Segment, Pedro Magrico Head of Growth at Typeform and Lidia Lüttin, CMO at Bynder.
  • Customer Success Bootcamp - Understand the drivers of second-order revenue and the glory land of net negative churn.

We also have a number of hosts adding to the line up:

  • Winning by Design Workshop, hosted by Jacco Van Der Koojj and the Winning By Design team - Learn how to get from $1m to $20m ARR, not strategically or tactically, but practically.
  • 2017 Accel SaaS Top 100 Europe - become part of legendary Investment firm Accel Partners’ Top 100 SaaS European companies in Europe list and join a unique half-day event for the leaders. (Apply until June 15th)
  • Startup Grind will bring their famous fireside chat format to SaaS.City, with a special guest from the SaaStock 2017 lineup.
  • More events, dinners, and socials to be announced.

Did we say all the SaaS.City wonder is included in your ticket price, you just need to pre-register for the satellite events you want to attend. Check what else is on the agenda for SaaS.City.

3X-ing it

And then there are 99 more reasons on the 19th and 20th of September, the two main conference days. They are filled with content curated to turn your SaaS up to eleven. No matter what stage of business your SaaS company is at, we've got you covered.

This year’s stages are:

  • Scale- Scaling your SaaS company to be a $100 million ARR global category leader
  • Growth - Moving the needle - getting you from $1m to $10m ARR - Tactical, Practical, lessons learned.
  • Traction - Getting to Product Market Fit. Getting from $0 to the first milestone of $1million ARR

These stages will run across the two days and include sessions on sales, growth, marketing, product, customer success, growing teams and company culture, hiring, branding, pricing, and more. You will leave with all the fundamental lessons in growing and scaling SaaS companies in your notebook.

Oh, and on day 2, we are turning the Traction stage into a half day CTO summit for our first ever technical track. Given we have a ton of CTO co-founders attending last year and returning this, it makes total sense.

Talks? Too many to mention

All that fab content will be brought to you by 100 speakers in 70 sessions. So much good content that you need to take a look for yourselves.

I already have my pick of 5 talks that's got the SaaS geek in me pumped:

  • David Skok - Matrix Partners - The SaaS Founders Journey “What matters at each stage”
  • Bill Macaitis - Unicorn Growth Secrets. GTM Strategies of Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce.
  • Promise Phelon - From Services to SaaS to Scale: The Essentials of Strategic Leadership
  • Peter Coppinger - Bootstrapping Teamwork.com to $18million ARR - lessons learned building customer success and sales
  • Nathan Barry - Convertkit - Using direct sales to bootstrap to $8million ARR

Exciting, right. Check out the other 70 confirmed sessions here (hyperlink) and tell us what pumps you.

SaaS Critical Mass

While there is plenty of learning to be done, in today’s world, the value of face-to-face encounters can often get overlooked.  

SaaStock is an opportunity to nurture relationships with customers and prospects. These interactions build trust, understanding, and a real sense of a shared success, and this makes all the difference.

Take the opportunity to build relationships and close deals. Hit the targets and finish 2017 strong.

Bring them all to Dublin and multiply the learning - SaaS is a team sport

3 days. Dozens of workshops. 70+ sessions of content. Each one provides insight into growing and scaling your SaaS business. And then all the networking opportunities and parties. That's the value of your ticket price, but it may be a logistical challenge for the solo attendee.

You simply cannot be everywhere at once and learn everything there is to. The best way to get ROI for your company is to bring the team.

Split up. Spread out. And then bring together the lessons, connections, and experiences. During and after SaaStock. That’s how you'll get the most out of it. You can start implementing what you have learned on Monday as you return to the office. Team packs are at a reduced rate of €599 per ticket.

Dublin is going to be the center of the SaaS Universe for a week. Are you going to be there? Grab your ticket now before prices increase on June 6th.