SaaS Revolution Show

Scalable demand generation for the enterprise

VP Marketing of Workfront, Jada Balster has been in the B2B Marketing space for over 12 years, focusing on demand generation. She has built and led teams in a few SaaS companies in that time and currently heads Workfront’s EMEA marketing and account development teams.

When she joined Workfront nearly 5 years ago, the company was 300 people. It is now touching 1000 and In this time she has had to shift her thinking from solely focusing on demand generation to also incorporating the more fluffy parts of marketing such as brand and story. Combining them together has allowed the company to scale and become a category leader.

Listen on to learn:
  • How Workfront does demand generation
  • Why the business imperative behind creating a category is essential
  • How to direct the organisation to scale and create a category

Jada is joining us for SaaStock to talk in detail what it takes to become a category leader. According to her, it’s never too early to start on that journey. We will talk much more marketing, brand, sales and other key facets of growing a SaaS company at SaaStock18, just 10 days away. We are about to sell out so if you still want to join us you have to be very quick and grab a ticket now.