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The Unicorn Hiring Trajectory with Maddy Cross, Notion Capital

By Emily Byford | January 23, 2020

Maddy Cross, Talent Director at Notion Capital, is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show. She talks about Notion’s recent research report: The Unicorn…

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The Unicorn Hiring Trajectory with Maddy Cross, Notion Capital

By Emily Byford | January 23, 2020

Maddy Cross, Talent Director at Notion Capital, is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show. She talks about Notion’s recent research report: The Unicorn Hiring Trajectory. This looks into the hiring trends of SaaS unicorns compared with other high-performing (but not unicorn) businesses. When Notion invests in a startup, 80% of that capital goes on headcount – growing the team. But how do the choices you make – when to hire, who to hire – affect the growth trajectory…

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Calling all SaaS Visionaries: Speak at SaaStock 2019

By Emma Pearce | February 18, 2019

SaaStock is built on compelling stories and the SaaStock 2019 Call for Content is now open. This is your chance to join our tribe by submitting your speaker proposal. It’s your opportunity to join your peers and industry thought leaders to help shape the future of the SaaS community. It’s your platform to ensure your voice is heard by our captive audience of SaaS superstars.

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The 18 Outstanding Speakers at SaaStock LatAm 2019

By Emma Pearce | February 14, 2019

Latin America is undergoing a digital transformation, and the SaaS community is exploding as a result. We conducted intensive market research with SaaS practitioners across LatAm to dig into the reasons behind the region’s hypergrowth, and worked with the progressive global VCs who are fuelling the SaaS boom to understand…

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How to be global from day 1 with Max Armbruster

By Alex Theuma | February 14, 2019

On the latest episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, we host Max Armbruster,  Founder of Talkpush, about being truly global from day 1. It’s a topic that fits Max all too well as he would easily qualify as a global citizen of the world. Having lived pretty much everywhere around…

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38 Bright Asian SaaS Stars

By Bruno Cunha | February 13, 2019

We looked to see where we could find the Asian SaaS trailblazers and what they were doing to be successful. We focused our search on ten neighboring to Hong Kong countries, all within a 3-4 hour flight range. Here is our selection of 38 amazing SaaS companies from Hong Kong, Singapore, Southern China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia that shine brightly in the Asian SaaS sky.

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Creating the next East Coast SaaS mafia

By Irina Dzhambazova | February 12, 2019

We are super excited to announce that SaaStock East Coast 2019 taking place in New York on June 4-6, is now open for registration. Limited early bird tickets are now available – grab them before they are gone. Building on last year’s event we held in the city that doesn’t sleep, as…

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Yesware: Coping with the everyday struggles on the way to $20M+ ARR

By Alex Theuma | February 7, 2019

On this month’s episode of the Struggle, Alex speaks with Yesware co-founder and chairman of the Board, Matthew Bellows. He interviewed him a year ago for another episode of the SaaS Revolution Show where the focus was on the part of the story that showcased Yesware’s success to date. Today they take…

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How to move from Marketing Qualified Leads to Product Qualified Leads

By Irina Dzhambazova | January 31, 2019

On this episode of the show, we chat with Kieran Flanagan, VP Marketing at HubSpot, about the essentials of product qualified leads. A software engineer by education, Kieran very quickly figured out that he would be average at best when it came to building software products. Where he got excited…

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18 investors fueling Latin America’s SaaS superstars

By Irina Dzhambazova | January 30, 2019

As we showed you in the list of SaaS companies coming out of Latin America, the region has no shortage of SaaS superstars. How did this come about, though? What are the ingredients required to help foster such an ecosystem? A healthy availability of capital is one. There is no…

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How HubSpot Broke a Year-Long Traffic Plateau by Upending the Editorial Strategy

By Alex Theuma | January 29, 2019

On this bonus episode of the show, we bring you the keynote that Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing at HubSpot, gave at last year’s SaaStock on Tour in New York. Meghan goes in great detail on the year-long traffic plateau HubSpot’s blog went through in 2017 and how after the…

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29 Latin American SaaS Superstars

By Bruno Cunha | January 25, 2019

In preparation for SaaStock LatAm, we looked at what the vast continent has brewed beyond hefty IPOs, asked local friends such as Diego Gomes, CEO of Rock Content and Patrick Arippol, Managing Director of Early-Stage Investments in DGF Investimentos which are the companies they are really excited about and came up with a list of 27 Latin American SaaS superstars. Trailblazing through their home continent, venturing successfully onto the world scene and changing from on-premise software to SaaS, these companies could have a postal code in any SaaS hotspot in the world.

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Setting up for early success as a SaaS startup

By Alex Theuma | January 24, 2019

On this week’s podcast, we talk with Cristina Vila, Founder of Cledara, which was crowned the Best SaaS Startup of 2018 during SaaStock18 in Dublin last year.   Cristina grew up in Spain and from a young age enjoyed the dinner conversations with her dad, in which he would speak…

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We are landing in Hong Kong for SaaStock Asia 2019

By Irina Dzhambazova | January 23, 2019

We are super excited to announce that SaaStock Asia, taking place in Hong Kong on 14-16th of May, is now open for registration. Building on the success of three flagship conferences in Dublin, as well as numerous smaller conferences around Europe and US that have brought together thousands of SaaS…

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How to effectively hire and create a culture in a remote organisation

By Irina Dzhambazova | January 17, 2019

On this week’s podcast, we talk with Liam Martin, Co-founder of Time Doctor and staff.com and organiser of Running Remote, a conference devoted to leaders and executives from companies with remote work culture. We chat about hiring well and creating a healthy and strong culture remotely.  Time Doctor measures…

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Why Diversity and Inclusion matter to every SaaS business

By Irina Dzhambazova | January 10, 2019

In December of last year, we attended the first ever SaaS E[quality] unconference, organised by the Women’s Work Institute and held in Toronto, Canada. In a room of about 100 D&I champions and leaders, we had a day of fascinating stories, provocative ideas and discussions around Diversity and inclusion challenges…

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5 strategies to become a great SaaS CEO

By Irina Dzhambazova | January 9, 2019

Advice on CEO challenges such as hiring, translating company vision to the team, and retaining great people, all the way to making better decisions as company leaders and staying resilient throughout the journey, taken straight from the popular SaaS.City bootcamp on becoming a great CEO.

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Folding with grace: the story of WeDelight

By Alex Theuma | January 3, 2019

The Struggle is a new subseries of the SaaS Revolution Show where we aim to tell the part of the SaaS journey often not told: the struggle to get traction. A struggle which sometimes ends in success but other times in failure.  The guest on this month’s episode is…

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3 key strategies of hiring for hypergrowth

By Alex Theuma | December 23, 2018

On this short bonus episode, we take you back to our podcast stage at SaaStock18 for a chat with Olivier Pomel, CEO of Datadog. Alex and Olivier talk about how he has been hiring for hypergrowth. Originally French, Olivier moved to the US in 1999. Eight years ago he co-founded…

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The 6 pillars of effective content marketing

By Alex Theuma | December 20, 2018

This week’s guest, hailing all the way from Brazil, is Diego Gomes, CEO of content marketing platform and SaaS-enabled marketplace Rock Content. Alex and Diego talk about the content marketing strategy the company has executed for their blog to reach 2 million unique visits and 50K new subscribers each month. and help the company on the way to $12mm ARR.

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The case for not [just] giving away free tickets to women

By Irina Dzhambazova | December 7, 2018

This article is the somewhat modified talk I just gave at the SaaS E[quality] pop up unconference in Toronto, Canada. It has been edited for brevity, but it also reflects the feedback I received from fellow diversity and inclusion champions that attended. In its design, it was meant to be…

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SaaStock is bringing its world-class SaaS conference to São Paulo in 2019

By Mike Cullen | December 6, 2018

We are super excited to announce that SaaStock LatAm, taking place in São Paulo on 23rd-24th April, is now open for registration. Building on the overwhelming success of our third flagship conference, SaaStock18 in Dublin, that brought together SaaS founders and execs from 45 countries, 133 world-class speakers, and 300…

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AgoraPulse: An 18-year, epic struggle to $5m ARR

By Alex Theuma | December 6, 2018

Our guest on the second episode of the Struggle is Emeric Ernoult, CEO and Co-founder of social media platform AgoraPulse. In this segment of the show, we aim to tell the part of the SaaS journey often omitted: the struggle to get traction. A struggle which sometimes ends in success and…

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The role of the CMO: Tech, trends, transitions

By Mike Cullen | November 29, 2018

On this week’s episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, we take you back to the SaaStock18 stage for a panel on the role of the B2B SaaS CMO. Moderated by Eileen O’Mara, EMEA CMO, it features Heather Zynczak, CMO at Pluralsight, Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at MongoDB, and Ryan Carlson, CMO…

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A guide to not f***ing up company culture with Kirsti Grant

By Irina Dzhambazova | November 25, 2018

What does it take to create and keep a great company culture? Kirsti Grant, Co-founder of Populate and HOP Ventures has been aiming to answer that and has a guide on how not to destroy company culture. All starts with strategic alignment.

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How to make better decisions while scaling and growing a SaaS company

By Alex Theuma | November 22, 2018

On this week’s episode, we bring you another great speaker we will host at SaaStock Oceania – Ashik Ahmed, CEO and CTO of Deputy. Ashik will talk about the shit he wishes he knew as he was growing the company. One of the central themes in that is the learning curve in making better decisions, which is the subject of this week’s podcast.

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