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Creating a SaaS, from Idea to Securing first Funding with Maria Wlosinska (Unlock)

By Koyal Makwana | December 2, 2021

This episode’s guest is Maria Wlosinska, CEO & Co-Founder of Unlock. Maria shares her story of how she created her SaaS, Unlock, with Alex Theuma,…

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Creating a SaaS, from Idea to Securing first Funding with Maria Wlosinska (Unlock)

By Koyal Makwana | December 2, 2021

This episode’s guest is Maria Wlosinska, CEO & Co-Founder of Unlock. Maria shares her story of how she created her SaaS, Unlock, with Alex Theuma, CEO of SaaStock. Maria emphasises how important it is to be close to your customers as a founder – she recalls contacting customers after being rejected during her fundraising which helped her stay on track and continue pushing. Listen to the full episode for Maria’s story, watch the video below and subscribe to the podcast.…

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Scalable demand generation for the enterprise

By Alex Theuma | October 4, 2018

VP Marketing of Workfront, Jada Balster has been in the B2B Marketing space for over 12 years, focusing on demand generation. She has built and led teams in a few SaaS companies in that time and currently heads Workfront’s EMEA marketing and account development teams.

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18 More Speakers That Will Blow Your Mind

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 3, 2018

18 more speakers we can’t wait to welcome with some more information about them and a peek at what they will be talking about.

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Who is competing for Best SaaS Startup of 2018 title?

By Gabriel Pizzolante | October 2, 2018

18 startups. 14 countries. A dozen verticals. That just about sums up what is proving to be a truly global and diverse pitch competition with startups joining us from India, Morroco, US and many European countries. Here are the lucky 18 semifinalists.

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Getting traction at SaaStock: The littlest track with the biggest impact

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 28, 2018

This is the SaaStock track devoted to the early days when the dreams are big, the naivety unsheltered and the possibilities limitless. If you are in the early days, these are a few sessions from our traction stage you are not going to want to miss.

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A SaaStock permission slip

By Alex Theuma | September 28, 2018

Does your SaaStock experience hinge on someone’s permission? We just wrote the most convincing email to help your spouse, co-founder and other authority figure get over the line. Send it away and start packing.

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From Price Intelligently to ProfitWell: How a SaaS company evolves

By Alex Theuma | September 27, 2018

Six years ago, young and without family commitments, Patrick Campbell decided to give entrepreneurship a go and see what he could build with his background in econometrics and math and curiosity for price elasticity. Price Intelligently was born. Six years later, the company is now called ProfitWell and aims to solve a far bigger challenge: making the math and growth behind the subscription economy work.

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Scale High: the talks at the scale track you can't miss

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 26, 2018

Welcome to the stage of your company where stuff gets a bit crazy and quite expensive. Not that it was normal or anything before that. Look at it from the bright side: to get here you probably will have built a movement, established a category and will most likely be sitting on the makings of an IPO. Not a bad sacrifice to make. Here is a brief overview of what you will learn from the Scale track at Saastock18.  

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Spotlight on Growth: Who to see at the Growth Stage

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 25, 2018

While listening and learning to tactical sessions on growth may not bring you comfort, it will bring you insight, ideas, and strategies for reaching the next level of challenges. That’s what the SaaStock Growth track provides. SaaS veterans and investors are here to counsel you on the uphill climb from $1M to $10M ARR: how to fix what’s broken, do more with less, and grow, grow, grow. These are just a few of the must-see speakers this October.

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What's in store at the SaaS.City this year

By Yasmin Hassan | September 24, 2018

This year we are bringing that experience once again with 8 deep-dive bootcamps on some of the most pressing topics for SaaS companies such as Growth Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Pricing. Here is an overview of what each bootcamp is offering so you can make your pick. You may want to hurry up as the CEO bootcamp is already sold out and ticket prices are increasing on October 1st.

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The 5 questions to ask about infrastructure before scaling up

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 21, 2018

As a SaaS startup company, one of many concerns is getting your infrastructure up and running as fast as possible. Hopefully at as low as possible a cost. Although reasonable as an aim in which I see much logic, I would like to tell you why you may want to consider a couple of things before you set up your infrastructure this way.

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The Amazing Judges for the Global Startup Pitch Competition

By Gabriel Pizzolante | September 20, 2018

This year, SaaStock will feature something we’ve never offered before – a Global SaaS Startup Pitch Competition. During our competition, we hope to find the most promising B2B SaaS startup of 2018 and showcase them on our main stage. Here is a list of the judging panel.

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How to improve your communication through 1-1s

By Alex Theuma | September 20, 2018

On this week’s episode of the SaaS Revolution Show, Jessica Weisz, COO of SoapBox, a meeting platform that helps managers and companies have better conversations, offers tips on how to have better 1-1 meetings.

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Fueling SaaS rockets: Introducing the Rocket Fuel stage

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 19, 2018

On the second day of SaaStock, we are transforming the Traction Stage into Rocket Fuel. Devoted to the topic of funding, Rocket Fuel is a one-day track featuring some of Europe’s leading Early Stage VCs who will be delivering tactical keynotes for those SaaS Founders looking to raise Seed or Series A funding rounds.

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18 new partners making SaaStock greater

By Emily Byford | September 18, 2018

While we are fortunate to have many returning partners, we are also fortunate to welcome for the first time many new ones. They have subscribed to our mission and are working closely with us to make SaaStock happen and be the best conference. Below is a list of 18 of them.

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What’s in store for Startups at SaaStock18

By Gabriel Pizzolante | September 14, 2018

Our Startup Program, created with startups in mind, is getting better and better. You could say, we are slightly spoiling the young upstarts. However, we vehemently believe they could use a bit of spoiling. It’s why we introduced a Startup Program and a Global Pitch Competition in the first place. What we didn’t expect is how enthusiastically and generously, our partners would jump on board to help us.

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How to turn an untapped market into an IPO

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 13, 2018

On this week’s episode of The SaaS Revolution Show, Frederic Kerrest, Co-founder and COO of Okta, a company that brought identity management to the cloud talks about the experience of going public on NASDAQ last year.

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How we are bringing more diversity to SaaStock18

By Alex Theuma | September 13, 2018

I am happy to share that SaaStock is announcing the Zendesk/SaaStock Inclusivity Pledge, currently, a gender diversity pledge that will bring a more diverse slate of speakers to not only this year’s SaaStock conference but to all of our conferences going forward. In partnership with our Diversity & Inclusion sponsor Zendesk, whose executives refuse to speak at events where no women are involved, we are taking an important step forward on the journey of making SaaS conferences and the tech ecosystem more diverse.

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The 13 Inspiring Speakers at SaaStock Oceania

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 11, 2018

We have put together an incredible roster of speakers for SaaStock Oceania. From international SaaS stars, travelling thousands of miles to help the ecosystem, to the local heroes growing companies by following the vernacular playbook in mind, they make up what is a truly spectacular line-up that promises to produce many insights on the day.

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17 more VCs landing in Dublin for SaaStock

By Tom Dwyer | September 10, 2018

SaaStock18 is more of everything and the better of everything we have had so far. More attendees, more speakers, more events, more fun and, yes, more investors. If you’re an investor, then this year’s SaaStock will offer you more than any previous event so far. Here are 18 more investors joining us at SaaStock.

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A first look at all new and exciting things at SaaStock18

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | September 7, 2018

Whether you have never stepped foot at SaaStock or you are a seasoned SaaStocker and have seen us grow from 0 to 700 to 1500 attendees, you are in for a treat this year. SaaStock18 will be the biggest and best conference we have had to date.

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Never Give Up: The Conductor story — a 10-year journey to Exit

By Alex Theuma | September 6, 2018

On this week’s episode of The SaaS Revolution Show, we take you back to the SaaStock New York stage. David Skok, Managing Partner, Matrix Partners in conversation with Seth Besmertnik, CEO of Conductor, which was recently acquired by WeWork. They chat about the journey of 10 years to get to this exit.

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SaaSociety: The Exclusive SaaS Founders Retreat

By Yasmin Hassan | September 5, 2018

SaaSociety is a small and exclusive private gathering of 50 SaaS leaders and founders. While SaaSociety has been a part of SaaStock since 2016, this year we are doing it a little different. We are running the intimate gathering as a 36-hour retreat at the 5* K Club, just outside of Dublin.

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18 Companies Rocking at SaaStock

By Alex Theuma | September 4, 2018

I have always been excited by SaaS companies, big and small, scrappy and steady, ones building their products around the corner in London, or killing it from Gran Canaria. These companies and their founders all have their different story of growth and this year we are fortunate to gather 900 of them for SaaStock in Dublin. If I could, I would make the ultimate list with all of them but since this year we are doing everything in 18s, I have picked up a few true SaaS rockstars.

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How to run revenue-driven marketing with Lidia Lüttin

By Alex Theuma | August 30, 2018

Lidia Lüttin has always been a growth marketer. The kind that prefers the early scrappy days of starting up than the arguably more settled clear days of scaling up. The kind that likes practising marketing that is revenue-driven.

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