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The Hottest Sessions at SaaStock LatAm Online

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | August 11, 2020

SaaStock LatAm Online has been planned and developed in collaboration with SaaS leaders from the region and internationally, designed to help the SaaS community of…

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Larry Gadea (Envoy): Building SaaS products for the post-COVID workplace

By Alex Theuma | August 6, 2020

Larry Gadea, CEO and founder at Envoy is this week’s guest on The SaaS Revolution Show. He founded Envoy in 2013 to start a ‘revolution for the workplace’. Envoy is building smart tools to help offices run more smoothly – like welcoming visitors, receiving mail, and booking meeting rooms. But a global pandemic that closes offices and drives people to work remotely isn’t great for companies that sell software for the physical workplace. In this episode he shares his experiences…

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The Struggle: Bootstrapping from $0 to $50 in MRR in just 4 years

By Alex Theuma | November 2, 2018

The first guest on our new series, The Struggle, is Clay Smith, CEO and co-founder of Akita. Started five years ago as part of the Launchpad program at NDRC in Dublin, the company earned its first 50 dollars in revenue last year. As Clay puts it, they became ramen profitable. The instant kind.

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Who is the Best B2B SaaS Startup of 2018?

By Gabriel Pizzolante | November 2, 2018

This year, as part of SaaStock18, we embarked on a mission to find the Best B2B SaaS Startup of 2018. To help us find it and give it as much value as possible, we partnered with Zendesk, Frontline Ventures, Voxbone, ProfitWell and Slack, without whose help none of this would be possible. So how did it all go?

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Enabling sales to be your secret weapon

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 30, 2018

Most companies think that in order not to survive fierce competition they need to focus on the product. They need to offer the best product on the market. But really what you should be thinking about is: How are you going to beat your competitors to market? It won’t be a certain feature or functionality. The truth is that your product probably won’t sell itself. In this day and age, your sales team is your key differentiator. Stan Massueras, EMEA Sales Director Intercom at SaaStock18.

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10 key lessons SaaStock18 attendees picked up

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 26, 2018

This year we have a particularly great roster of write-ups about SaaStock18, all filled with lessons, experiences and kind words. Thanks for everyone who took the time to write their impressions and share with the community. Here are 10 lessons we extracted from them.

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The role of the CEO in scaling to $250 Million

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 25, 2018

During SaaStock18, alongside three tracks and a Startup Pitch stage, we ran a podcast studio. During the two days of the conference, Inside Intercom, Nathan Latka, Growth Everywhere, Build by Openview, Open SaaS Mic, The Startup Chat, and 14 Minutes of SaaS all recorded interviews with our speakers, which they…

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Ten lessons Vivek Sharma learned growing past $40mm in ARR

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 23, 2018

Vivek Sharma co-founded Movable Ink in 2010 and has led the company through rapid growth to a leading market position with 200+ employees serving 500 of the most innovative consumer brands. Movable Ink recently crossed $40M in ARR and at the SaaStock18 stage, Vivek Sharma shared 10 biggest lessons, neatly summarised in this short write up.

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How to create diverse and inclusive organisations

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 19, 2018

On this week’s episode,  we host one the SaaStock Oceania speakers – Dale Clareburt, CEO and Co-founder of Weirdly to talk about diversity and inclusion.

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We are uniting the community of SaaS trailblazers in more ways in 2019

By Alex Theuma | October 17, 2018

Fostering an ambassador program to fuel SaaStock Local events, a full-blown roster of SaaStock conferences on 5 continents and a video-on-demand product are all in the works for the next 12 months when SaaStock19 returns to Dublin on October 14-16, 2019. Ticket already available.

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SaaStock Live: Day 2

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 17, 2018

SaaStock Day 2 Wednesday 17 October You can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we’ve created SaaStock Live, our on-the-go recaps of key sessions throughout SaaStock 2018. Our reporters, Annie and Despina, will keep you up to date and fill you in on exciting SaaS you might have missed. You…

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SaaStock Live: Day 1

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 16, 2018

SaaStock Day 1 Tuesday 16 October You can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we’ve created SaaStock Live, our on-the-go recaps of key sessions throughout SaaStock 2018. Our reporters, Annie and Despina, will keep you up to date and fill you in on exciting stuff you might have missed. You…

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SaaStock Live 2018: SaaS.City

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 15, 2018

Monday 15 October You can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why we’ve created SaaStock Live, our on-the-go recaps of key sessions throughout SaaStock 2018. Our reporters, Annie and Despina, will keep you up to date and fill you in on exciting stuff you might have missed. Today? SaaS.City. _____________________________________________________________________________ 16:45…

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5 happenings not to miss at SaaStock18

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 12, 2018

With just 3 days to go until SaaStock18 and what feels like a million things you could be doing for the three days, we made you a handy list of the more unusual things that you shouldn’t miss aside from seeing our 133 incredible speakers, a myriad of SaaS companies…

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The content marketing playbook of Eric Siu

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 11, 2018

With SaaStock18 around the corner, we want to get you even more excited for the conference and are bringing to you an especially useful and interesting podcast episode this week. Alex chats with Eric Siu, CEO of SaaS marketing agency Single Grain on all things content marketing. Eric is the…

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The SaaS Irish mafia at SaaStock18

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 10, 2018

SaaStock was born and raised as a conference on these shores and it’s always key to pay special tribute to our very own SaaS Irish mafia that travels the shortest distance and punches above its weight. Founders, executives, investors and all-round sound individuals are all joining us and we are excited to welcome them. Come see them on the stage, meet them in the investor zone, or chat with them in one of our many parties. Here is a list of 18 of them:

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What’s the Craic at SaaStock?

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 9, 2018

Craic, as we like to call fun in Ireland, has a prominent spot on the agenda. Yes, that does involve partying and the occasional Guinness or two. But because everyone has a different definition of fun, it involves much more.

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Grey suits are no longer your buyer: the new consumer of SaaS by Draper Esprit

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 5, 2018

Millennials and digital natives now make the bulk of the workforce and control an ever-larger share of software spend. Those workers come with high user experience expectations built upon the consumer side: they think of their interactions with products such as the iPhone, Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb and transfer those expectations to the technology they use in the enterprise. So what does this mean for SaaS startups today?

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When at SaaStock, do what the locals do

By Ana Maria Gutierrez | October 5, 2018

Dublin can be heaven…if you know where to go! No better person to advise than a proper local. Take some tips from local culture head and proper Dub, Emily O’Callaghan After Hours For a lovely creamy pint in a proper old Irish pub where the locals go to: Kehoes, South Anne Street,…

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Scalable demand generation for the enterprise

By Alex Theuma | October 4, 2018

VP Marketing of Workfront, Jada Balster has been in the B2B Marketing space for over 12 years, focusing on demand generation. She has built and led teams in a few SaaS companies in that time and currently heads Workfront’s EMEA marketing and account development teams.

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18 More Speakers That Will Blow Your Mind

By Emma Pearce | October 3, 2018

18 more speakers we can’t wait to welcome with some more information about them and a peek at what they will be talking about.

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Who is competing for Best SaaS Startup of 2018 title?

By Gabriel Pizzolante | October 2, 2018

18 startups. 14 countries. A dozen verticals. That just about sums up what is proving to be a truly global and diverse pitch competition with startups joining us from India, Morroco, US and many European countries. Here are the lucky 18 semifinalists.

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Getting traction at SaaStock: The littlest track with the biggest impact

By Emma Pearce | September 28, 2018

This is the SaaStock track devoted to the early days when the dreams are big, the naivety unsheltered and the possibilities limitless. If you are in the early days, these are a few sessions from our traction stage you are not going to want to miss.

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A SaaStock permission slip

By Alex Theuma | September 28, 2018

Does your SaaStock experience hinge on someone’s permission? We just wrote the most convincing email to help your spouse, co-founder and other authority figure get over the line. Send it away and start packing.

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From Price Intelligently to ProfitWell: How a SaaS company evolves

By Alex Theuma | September 27, 2018

Six years ago, young and without family commitments, Patrick Campbell decided to give entrepreneurship a go and see what he could build with his background in econometrics and math and curiosity for price elasticity. Price Intelligently was born. Six years later, the company is now called ProfitWell and aims to solve a far bigger challenge: making the math and growth behind the subscription economy work.

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Scale High: the talks at the scale track you can't miss

By Emma Pearce | September 26, 2018

Welcome to the stage of your company where stuff gets a bit crazy and quite expensive. Not that it was normal or anything before that. Look at it from the bright side: to get here you probably will have built a movement, established a category and will most likely be sitting on the makings of an IPO. Not a bad sacrifice to make. Here is a brief overview of what you will learn from the Scale track at Saastock18.  

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