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How to effectively hire and create a culture in a remote organisation

On this week’s podcast, we talk with Liam Martin, Co-founder of Time Doctor and and organiser of Running Remote, a conference devoted to leaders and executives from companies with remote work culture. We chat about hiring well and creating a healthy and strong culture remotely.

Time Doctor measures remote employee productivity and acts as a two-sided marketplace for hiring remote workers. Liam eats his own dog food and both organisations are entirely remote with 100 employees spread between 26 countries worldwide. Liam started Time Doctor back in 2012 when very few companies were making the move to go for a fully remote organisation.

But Liam had a perfectly good reason – the weather in Canada, which he really wanted to escape from. To make remote work, Liam has had to put in a lot of processes in place and has had to accept the reality that VC investors would not agree to fund him with such a spread organisation. Liam and his business partner have bootstrapped the company, which is currently at $5 million in ARR.

Listen on to hear:

  • What is the key ingredient to making a remote organisation effective
  • How to create the right processes
  • One unexpected and eye-opening tactic for hiring a healthier organisation

Wherever in the world you are, SaaStock will be landing on your continent in 2019. Unless you are in Antarctica. Just like Liam, we are not fans of thumbs-falling-off kind of freezing weather. Pick your destination. From Sao Paulo to Hong Kong and San Francisco to Sydney, we will be within a short flight at most from you so join us to learn from experienced SaaS practitioners such as Liam who are open to sharing their pitfalls, connect with peers and potential partners. And have fun, which as Liam argues is the most important thing to stay sane on this journey.

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