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The top SaaS companies ruling the East Coast

As we looked into where the top SaaS companies on the East Coast are, some obvious and some not so obvious pockets surfaced. Boston, Atlanta, and Toronto were no surprises. However, Charlotte, NC, Reston, VA, and Fredericton, NB were unexpected discoveries. As we built our list, there were some big names we couldn’t omit. However, we made sure we put some previously hidden treasures in there as well.

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What's in store at the SaaS.City this year

This year we are bringing that experience once again with 8 deep-dive bootcamps on some of the most pressing topics for SaaS companies such as Growth Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Pricing. Here is an overview of what each bootcamp is offering so you can make your pick. You may want to hurry up as the CEO bootcamp is already sold out and ticket prices are increasing on October 1st.

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SaaSociety: The Exclusive SaaS Founders Retreat

SaaSociety is a small and exclusive private gathering of 50 SaaS leaders and founders. While SaaSociety has been a part of SaaStock since 2016, this year we are doing it a little different. We are running the intimate gathering as a 36-hour retreat at the 5* K Club, just outside of Dublin.

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