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19 Investors and VCs Fuelling the SaaS Superstars of Australasia

One of the main contributors to a healthy, flourishing SaaS ecosystem is the availability of capital. As we showed you in this list of SaaS companies coming out of Australasia, the region has no shortage of SaaS talent. Which suggests there’s also plenty of SaaS investors and VCs to help those companies grow. We’ve put…

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Treasure Hunt: 20 Key VCs Attending SaaStock19

Last month, we shared some of the hidden gems that hide beyond the SaaStock stage; the deeply knowledgeable and experienced stars of our “corridor track,” representing SaaS-focused investment firms from around the world. Many hours are put into the careful planning and curation of our onstage content, but it’s the diverse range of VCs waiting…

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What SaaS investors want: Welcome to Investock 2.0

From its inception, SaaStock has always been a gathering that welcomes and serves all. We have always put equal effort in making sure founders, executives and investors alike get the most value. A healthy and strong SaaS ecosystem can only exist and thrive if all of its key stakeholders have access to what they need…

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20 SaaS Vcs saastock

The 20 VCs hidden in SaaStock’s “secret track”

Each year our flagship event, SaaStock, presents over forty hours of carefully curated content across multiple tracks. They’re all tailored to bring practical, actionable takeaways, and no matter which stage of the SaaS journey you find yourself at, they can prove incredibly valuable in terms of the lessons they teach. Attendees spend time carefully planning…

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SaaS East Coast VC firms

34 SaaS-Focused East Coast VC Firms To Keep On Your Radar

Coke and Pepsi. Gates and Jobs. Marvel and DC. In terms of rivalries, the East Coast / West Coast dichotomy is up there with the greats. Whilst promising companies can spring up anywhere, it’s generally assumed that to scale successfully, a coastal presence is required. The siren call of Silicon Valley is undeniable, but with…

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Who are Asia’s SaaS VCs?

After singling out 38 brilliant SaaS stars, we had a suspicion we were going to find some notable fuelers of growth. After all, the mighty SoftBank and Tencent both come from the region. Below is a list of what we found, using the same search filter logic – countries within 3-4 hour flight from Hong Kong: Singapore, Southern China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

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17 more VCs landing in Dublin for SaaStock

SaaStock18 is more of everything and the better of everything we have had so far. More attendees, more speakers, more events, more fun and, yes, more investors. If you’re an investor, then this year’s SaaStock will offer you more than any previous event so far. Here are 18 more investors joining us at SaaStock.

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SaaStock’s unique approach to delivering value for Investors

We like to think of SaaStock not just as an events company but as Europe’s foremost embodiment of the global SaaS community. SaaStock showcases best practice and emerging trends of this dynamic and rapidly growing ecosystem. We welcome all groups of SaaS stakeholders: from founders and execs of SaaS startups and scaleups, to SaaS investors of all…

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18 Brilliant VCs Coming to SaaStock 2018

Dubbed as the best conference for SaaS founders and VCs in Europe for a good reason, SaaStock18 is the best we will have to date. This year we have carefully thought about how to deliver even more ROI to investors: hundreds will once again join us. We will have more private meeting spaces than ever…

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